It's Pipis not Pippie's

Local Attractions

Pipis is located at Poyungan Valley, half way up the island, which makes it close to all the attractions this World Heritage Island boasts. Lush rainforests, never ending sand blows, crystal clear lakes and creeks, endless beaches to fish, bushwalks and abundant wildlife are all at your doorstep.

We are 12klms north of Eurong and 6klms south of Happy Valley. You will find a shop, restaurant and hotel at Eurong. Happy Valley has a Hotel (pub lunches) and a grocery store. Travel 2.7klms north of Poyungan Rocks to Poyungan Valley (road/entrance is signed “POYUNGAN VALLEY”) and you're there.

From Special Moments comes Memories

Sunrise at Poyungan Valley

One of the advantages of staying at Pipis on the east coast of the island is that you are only metres away from 75 Mile Beach where watching the sunrise of a morning is a spectacular way to start your day.

75 Mile Beach

75 Mile Beach is Fraser’s National Highway, it is the main long stretch of beach on the eastern side of Fraser Island and is classed as part of the Bruce Highway.  Driving 75 Mile Beach low tide is best, you want to drive it when it is flat and hard, and avoid driving during the two hours either side of high tide.

Whale watching season begins June and goes through to early November so time your visit for this wonderful experience. You will see humpbacks breaching and playing. Look out for migrating whales breaching a few hundred metres off the beach.

Eli Creek

There is no place quite like Eli Creek on Fraser.  The creek has water so clear and of such purity due to its having been filtered by the sand for hundreds of years. Eli Creek is famous for wading, tubing and swimming.  It sends millions of litres of fresh water into the ocean every hour.

Champagne Pools

This most popular swimming location is just north of Indian Head.  You can enjoy a dip in the clear, bubbling sea water particularly at low tide.  Champagne Pools with its froth and bubbles is aptly named.

As you walk down the staircase the view is breathtaking and you’ll want to stay and play at this natural swimming spot but be aware of the tides to return to your destination.

Travelling across the Island (East to West)

From Eurong Beach to Kingfisher Bay driving along the sandy tracks and through the sub-tropical rainforest is equally as spectacular. This whole island is made of sand and yet you are in awe of these incredible trees growing to great heights.  Goannas are a common sight amongst the Fraser flora.

Spend some time at Central Station and amble along the boardwalk next to Wanggoolba Creek and take in the rainforest filled with natural beauty.   Central Station was once a forestry township for about 150 people.

Joy Flights

One of the more exceptional things to do on Fraser Island is to experience a joy flight.  Light aircraft take off from nature’s runway along 75 Mile Beach.

You will enjoy spectacular views up and down the coast, fly inland over the massive sand dunes and pristine lakes and see migrating whales in season.  You will have a euphoric experience flying above such beauty which will leave lasting memories.  Air Fraser run 15-minute joy flights all day long.

Other Fraser Island locations you may like to visit:-

  • Lake Boomanjin

  • Central Station

  • Lake McKenzie

  • Lake Wabby

  • Kingfisher Bay

  • Lake Allom

  • Wungul Sandblow

  • Waddy Point Headland

  • Binngih Sandblow

  • Ocean Lake

  • Indian Head

  • The Pinnacles

  • The Maheno